Continuing Legal Education Program

The LexisNexis® Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program was initiated to provide customers the opportunity to receive credit for attending LexisNexis classes or presentations approved by their local or state bar associations.

Currently, CLE is mandatory in 45 states. LexisNexis is approved to provide live classroom sessions in all 45 states, and live eLearning sessions in 43 states. As the acceptance of eLearning increases, more state and local bar associations are approving online/on-demand formats. Currently 22 states approve online/on-demand training and LexisNexis has designed Anytime Training to meet these state requirements.

Note: CLE-eligible courses for Time Matters and Juris fulfills practice management credit.

CLE Program Approvals Per State

View Delivery Method Approval Per State [pdf]


CLE Program Exceptions

Classroom Training:

The following states require pre-approval: Kansas and Nebraska.


The following states currently do not approve LexisNexis live, eLearning training: New Mexico, and Ohio.

The following states require pre-approval: Delaware, Indiana ,Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming.

Anytime Training:

The following states currently do not approve LexisNexis Anytime Training: Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota.

Anytime Training qualifies as self-study only in the following states: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Practice Management Content:

Course content approval varies by state and LexisNexis will make every effort to obtain course approval. Unless otherwise noted, CLE approval is pending. 


LexisNexis CLE Contact Information

CLE/CPE Compliance & Reporting
9443 Springboro Pike
Miamisburg, OH  45342
Fax:  866-960-2454 (CLE Dedicated)

CLE Email:




CLE Coordinators:

Deby Huey, 937-865-7074
Donna Mitchell, 937-865-7292
Kathy Frantz, 937-865-7282
Lisa Grise-Bell, 937-247-1902