Caselaw Summaries and Headnotes

This tutorial module gives a brief description of the Caselaw Summaries and Headnotes found in search results in the LexisNexis® research services.

Suppose your search request retrieved opinions that address intentional infliction of emotional distress. One relevant case is Yeager v. Local Union 20.

To help you decide whether this case merits further review, you can select Expanded List View which displays keywords.

Since this opinion has many references to the keywords, you can select the document title link to read the entire opinion.


Display the decision in Full View. Scroll down to find the Case Summary after the disposition.

Each Case Summary contains:

So you can see how this case arrived before this court, the Procedural Posture reveals the Procedural history.

The Overview displays a concise review of the underlying facts, as well as the courtís holding on the legal issues involved.

The Outcome sums up the court’s ruling on the issues before the court.

Core Terms are the prominent legal and factual terms taken directly from the opinion.


LexisNexis Headnotes are key legal points of a case drawn directly from the language of a court by LexisNexis attorney-editors.

You can jump directly to the next text point where each LexisNexis Headnote appears by selecting the down arrow associated with it.

Itís easy to find the similarity between the courtís language and that of the LexisNexis Headnote. Each LexisNexis Headnote is numbered, making it easy for you to review the main points of a case online or offline. Click the up arrow associated with th text point to return to the Headnote.



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