Working with Results

This tutorial module explains how to view and work with your search results with the LexisNexis® research services.

Viewing Results.

After your search runs, the Results page displays the documents your search has found. The documents are listed in source relevance or publication date order. Document display order may differ depending on the source. Your results are displayed in Expanded List view. This shows the document headline, source name and publication date plus your search terms in context. With this view, you can quickly determine if a document is relevant to your research topic.

You can also view your results in List View, by choosing that option from the View drop-down list. List View shows only the document headline, source name and publication date for a concise view of your results.

To display the full text of a document, select on the document title in either List or Expanded List View.

Moving Through a Document.

The Hits navigation arrows at the bottom of the Document screen help you quickly find occurrences of your search terms in the document. Just use the arrow button to move sequentially from term to term. To return to your search results from Full Text View, click the link containing you search terms.

Result Groups.

For searches in news sources, use the Result Groups feature to quickly find relevant documents by grouping your results into categories. When you search in a source that combines many individual sources, you can use Result Groups to display just the results from a specific source. Result Groups are particularly helpful when your search retrieves a large number of documents.

To display the group of sources that are important to you, select the appropriate Result Groups category link. The sources are listed in order by the number of documents they contain. To list the sources in alphabetical order, click the Alphabetical Sort button. To list the sources by number of documents again, click the Number of Documents Sort button. Select a source name to display only those documents in that source.

While viewing a document, you can quickly find documents containing similar topics. Terms are grouped together under relevant headings in the Find Documents with Similar Topics section of the document. Select any combination of terms from any category or narrow your search results to documents that match the selected terms. Within your current results, the search locates other documents that match the terms you’ve selected.


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