LexisNexis® Research Services Overview

This tutorial module introduces the LexisNexis® research services.

General Searching.

LexisNexis® research services opens with the Easy Search™ form. The form lets you search across the most popular content quickly and easily. To create a search, enter words or phrases related to your subject in the Search terms box, just as you would if you were searching the Internet. The sources have been pre-selected for you. Simply choose the relevant categories and a date range. Then choose the Search button to run the search.

The Power Search form contains powerful, advanced search features. You can search broad source categories or specify a single publication. To access the form, choose the Power Search link on the General tab.

Use the Power Search form when you need precise control over which sources are to be searched and how the search is done. On screen tools and pop-up windows are available to help you with advanced features.

First, enter your search terms and then choose the source in which you want to search. Use the drop-down list to select popular sources or the More sources link to select from thousands of sources in the source directory. Then select the Search button to run the search.

When creating your search, you can use connectors such as and and or to indicate the relationship between words. For example, the search "Olympics and Utah" finds documents containing both words, while the search "Olympics or Utah" finds documents containing either word. Note that the "Tips for using search connectors" link provides more information on using connectors to create a search. Adding keywords to your search can help you find documents that more closely match the topic you are researching .

Category Searching.

To search in a particular type of information, such as News or Business, use one of the Content Specific Search forms. The Content Specific Search forms give you more control than the Easy Search form and are simpler to use than Power Search. Use these forms to do powerful searches within a specific type of content. To access a Content Specific Search form, select the appropriate tab.

News Searching.

To access the News search form, select the News tab. On the form, select the Natural Language setting to enter words or phrases related to your subject as you would on the Easy Search from.  Switch to Terms and Connectors to use and and or connectors as you would on the Power Search form.

Index Terms are listed by category on the News search form. To add Index Terms to your search, select up to 10 terms from the lists.

Select a source from the Select Sources drop-down list and then, if required, select one or more specific sources from the list. Select a date option. You can select from a list of date options or specify a date range. Then select the Search button to run the search.

Business Searching.

To access the Business search forms, select the Business tab. Use these forms to retrieve corporate information and financial reports about a company.

For example, to search for information about a company, select the Company Profiles link on the Business tab. Enter the name of the company and select the Search button. If you do not know the exact name of a company, select the Find Company Names link to find it.

Other Research Tools.

Various tools listed on the Search forms can help you with your research. For example, you can find information on researching tasks by selecting the page Help link .

For help filling out a Content Specific Search form, select the Help link on the form.



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