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Slovin v. Slovin Rita Version

Slovin v. Slovin Rita Version

Sasha and Loren Slovin, a six-year-old boy and a ten-year-old girl, are embedded in their parents' custody battle. Slovin v. Slovin addresses not only this custody battle but also two other matters between Michael and Rita Slovin: divorce on the grounds of adultery and/or cruel and inhuman conduct and a domestic tort (battery). The divorce case includes three witnesses for the plaintiff (Rita) and three witnesses for the defendant (Michael). The tort action includes two witnesses for the plaintiff (Michael) and two witnesses for the defendant (Rita). This case may be used as a bench or jury trial and contains materials for advanced negotiation and mediation.

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Publisher: NITA

Format: One Volume, Perfect Bound,Case File

ISBN: 9781556817885

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