LexisNexis® Time Matters® 13
Introducing Time Matters 13

Last year, 90% of organizations experienced a breach of document security

Here's your chance to join the secure 10% by upgrading to Time Matters® 13.

Source: 2012 Confidential Documents at Risk Study, Ponemon Institute

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With Time Matters 13 Client Portal, you can protect your firm's confidential documents with Fortune 100-level security, without paying anything close to the Fortune 100 price. In fact, there's no extra charge at all.

The Time Matters 13 integration with WatchDox means that you don't have to spend more to get online document sharing. Because now this secure file sharing, mobile productivity and collaboration technology – previously available only to the Fortune 100 – is included as part of your Time Matters Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) subscription at no extra charge.

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Save the extra cost of document security,
and the worry of not being protected.

With Time Matters 13 Client Portal, it’s much easier to share documents with your clients and third parties – improving client service levels and differentiating your firm – even while reducing your IT budget and better protecting your content.

If you’re ready to upgrade client service, now’s the time to upgrade Time Matters.

Online client portals aren’t a luxury for law firms anymore. They’re an expectation.

With Time Matters Client Portal, your firm can keep client communication lines open, even when your office is closed.

Time Matters Client Portal allows even the smallest firms to set up online file sharing with their clients, without setting themselves up for security breaches or malpractice threats.

If your firm hasn't been protected by an online document security system, now you can enjoy the peace of mind you get from having enterprise-level protection for your firm's documents without any extra cost.

You're protected just like the Fortune 100, only without the extra cost.

Essential New Features
Time Matters Client Portal puts you in control.

With the new Time Matters Client Portal online file sharing, your firm will have:

  • Easy file sharing capabilities across desktop, laptop and mobile devices
  • Complete control over shared confidential documents, including the ability to:
    • Restrict which viewers can copy, print or forward documents
    • Add visual watermarks unique to each user
    • Set an expiration date for access according to your schedule
    • Revoke previously granted access to block the opening of documents
    • Prevent screen capture with Spotlight**:
      • Obscures all but small areas of a document at one time
      • Scrolls with the viewer to allow access to every section of content, but never all at one time
  • Encrypted and secure cloud storage to allow access to content at any time, on any device
  • System administrator power to wipe access to your firm's documents at any time

**Not available on mobile devices.

With a Time Matters AMP, it's win-win-win.

By adding integrated online file sharing with Time Matters Client Portal bundled together in a Time Matters AMP, you’re not just protecting your documents and clients; you’re protecting your entire firm.

A Time Matters AMP gives you anytime access to service and support, along with the latest productivity and revenue enhancing features, all at a predictable, manageable cost.

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With Time Matters 13,
the productivity enhancements keep coming.

Keeping your firm running at maximum efficiency is what makes Time Matters stand out.

Now we're making your life even easier with the ability to color-code matters in your Time Matters 13 Calendar, so you can instantly identify Events and ToDos related to particular matters.

Color coding also serves as a visual clue of the billable tasks you've worked on during the week, reminding you to enter time on those tasks before you move on to the next job.

Time Matters 13 users will also appreciate the new automatic back-up feature to help prevent catastrophic data loss in case of an unforeseen event. You decide when automated back-ups are scheduled to prevent workday interruption, and you still have the option of manually backing up your firm's data at any time as needed.

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